Map showings you your way in Envy Mud


  • Eastern Desert
  • drow homeland
  • King of the Goblins
  • haven
  • Mahn-Tor
  • Midgaard
  • Caves of Moria
  • Shadow Grove

  • Eastern Desert

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    a map leading to the Eastern Desert, and adjacent lands

    Those seeking the Eastern Desert should first purchase a canoe or raft from the retired Captain, who can be found down by the river in Midgaard. The following set of directions was obtained from the legendary mage Shapeshifter, whom it is said spent so much time (lost?) in the desert, that he finally killed off the nomad leader and made it his home.

    Shapeshifter reports that there are several interesting places that may be visited from the eastern desert. To get to the desert, the mage recommends that one get upon the river and travel east. The journey will take the adventurer through an underground channel, until finally an underground lake will be the last point at which boats will be used. Continuing east up a passageway will bring one to the edge of the desert.

    The desert is easy to lose one's way in, but such interesting areas as MegaCity, the Pyramid of the Sphynx, the Nomad Camp, and the Lair of the Brass dragon can be approached only from the desert. Although even the great Shapeshifter is not able to give exact directions, he was able to provide this help. The Brass Dragon's Lair is in a cave that one reaches from a ledge that is plagued with strong gusts of wind. MegaCity lies just over a small hill. And the Pyramid may only be entered by those willing to climb to the top of the pyramid, although this is not as easy of a feat as one might think.

    drow homeland

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    a map leading to the drow homeland

    (An exerpt from a journal of an unknown adventurer)
    Date Unknown

    ... and after locating Horl the Knight and paying his bail, we finally left Midgaard on the first day of the new moon, 3 days behind schedule. Our guide says that he knows the quickest way to Thalos, and that we can expect to reach the ruins there by late tomorrow. We left the east gate of Midgaard, and travelled east for several hours until reaching a spot where several roads cross. We traveled south for another hour or two, then decided to pitch camp for the night. Once again, I, Gagglesneeze, the Greatest Mage to walk these lands, am stuck with the midnight watch. How I long for a group that realizes the delicate rest required of a mage.

    Today, we continued south, until the woods thickened and we were forced to turn east or west, or return north in failure. Following our guide's lead, we turned east and walked through the woods for several hours, turning south at noon, and then preceding east again when we had skirted the clump of thickets that had forced us out of our way. We now stand at the top of a valley, and are making camp here for the night. Our guide assures us that Thalos lies just over the far rim of the valley. For once, I will get some sleep, as I have convinced that fool priest Karl to take my watch for me. Hopefully tomorrow morning we may begin amassing treasure in Thalos.

    Today did not bode well from the very beginning. I awoke to a small amount of yelling going on in camp. It appeared our guide had left in the middle of the night, taking some of Ravin the Burglar's gold and equipment with him. We decided to look for Thalos anyway. It was nowhere to be found. But the thief, Ravin, found a cave behind a fox hole down in the valley. We preceded into the cave, and came to a spot where we could only go down or return the way we had came. We rested before decending, and I had no more than fallen asleep for a quick nap, when a dark creature that looked vaguely elvish attacked me from out of nowhere. The others quickly subdued him. We then decended into the hole below us, prepared for anything but what awaited us. 2 more of the creatures jumped out of hiding and attacked us. Only Ravin's finding a secret door below allowed us to escape. We then went west, the only direction left to us, and were set upon by a fantastically quick creature wielding a glowing black longsword. I was the only one able to flee the fight alive. Now I am hiding amongst some goblin slaves...all of my spells exhausted. I can hear the foot troops looking for me outside. I don't know how i will survive this...

    King of the Goblins

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    a map leading to the King of the Goblins

    It was during the invasion by Darkside the Beholder, that I first journeyed to the Goblin Caverns. Accompanied by Demonspawn the Warrior, and Partan, I left town through the east gate. We turned south at the Crossroads, and pitched camp after traveling as far south as we were able.

    The next day, we turned east, zigzaggin east and south, until we went down into a valley. At this point, we turned north, following a trail through the woods.

    At this point, we became somewhat lost, and had to wander for a while before we found the entrance to the Goblin's mountain lair. The assistance of Odin didn't hurt of course. Although I am not sure of the exact route, I believe that we turned west and then back north at least once, and possibly twice. We found ourselves at the foot of the mountain, and were able to climb it and enter the Goblin Caves.

    However, the most exciting part of our expedition occurred after we had defeated Darkside (at the cost of Demonspawn, Partan, and several younger adventurers who happened to be in the area). I discovered a secret door in the mountain side that opens into a store room, that directly adjoins to the Goblin King's throne room. If only Odin hadn't summoned us back to his altar in Midgaard to reward us, I might have been able to find out exactly where the secret door is. All that I can say, is that it is in the forest, and guarded by a Goblin Sentinel.

    Recorded from an interview with with Tholeus, Hero of Midgaard.


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    a map leading to the antarctic land of haven

    We began our journey about mid-morning. We had hoped to get an early start, but were held up while we waited for the shops to open so that we could gather supplies for our expedition. The three of us were eager to leave town after having either stolen from or killed nearly every shopkeeper in Midgaard. The locals were not happy about our presence and as such, we feared the Executioner might decide to take some action against us if we remained. It was Hogar who had caused most of our problems, but he also was a necessary part of our team. No one could equal his skill with the sword, at least none we had previously encountered... Whirl often tries to get Hogar to see how unnecessary a lot of his fighting is, but he doesn't seem to listen to her divine guidance. I suppose that as a thief, I usually end up doing a lot of the more mundane, but necessary actions to get us where we need to go. However, I enjoy the adventures I've shared with these two, especially Whirl. Without her, where would we, in fact, where would I be now?

    Well, we set off from Midgaard along the river heading west away from town, and although in full view due to the daylight we wanted to avoid, the locals seemed more glad we had left than angry enough to give chase. We went under the bridge which crosses the river and continued west. As we continued west there wasn't too much to see, the forest seemed to grow darker as we moved, and long shadows seemed to be hiding some secret danger, however nothing became of it. Gradually we came to a split in the river where it appeared to go around an island, which was more shadowed than even the forest had been. After some thought, we decide to brave it and found a small spot where we could land and walk on the island's south side. Following a farely difficult path, we found a small domocile. Whirl seemed to be upset about something here, and strangely so was Hogar, so we decided not to press further and quickly left the island to continue going west along the river.

    We noticed quickly that the river was getting much wider now, and soon were at the mouth of the great river. Not wanting to get too far from land just yet, we entered the ocean and went south along the shoreline. I must say at this point my arms were getting tired of paddling, so Whirl graciously cast a spell which cause my body to have a density less than that of air! Whirl did the same to Hogar, and this seemed to life our spirits a little, as the going was made easier. I wonder why she didn't think of this sooner? Moving with the speed of the wind, we begin to find ourselves reaching colder waters. Reaching a point where we could no longer go south, we continued to the west. Wow! It's a good thing Whirl cast that spell, the waters here are so rough, I wonder how we would have survived in those canoes. Another turn to the south leads us to much colder waters, we can see icebergs floating in the ocean below us. I'm getting dreadfully cold now and wish we could turn back, but it seems we cannot and continue onward to the south.

    This is going to be my last entry. It has been two days since last I wrote. We encountered an enormous white bear which so surprised us, it managed to mortally wound Hogar, and I suffered several cuts before the bear finally succumbed to the combined efforts of Whirl and I. She had tried desparately to help Hogar during the battle and afterwards, but the cold, along with the seriousness of the wounds told us he wouldn't make it. Hogar died shortly there after. I'm afraid there may be more of those horrible beasts in this place, but we can no more go forward, than we can go back. At least I am with Whirl. The bear meat should be enough to keep us alive for a little while, time enough for us to finally be alone together.

    This journal entry is one of many found in a book which had floated in the ocean protected by some magical force from the water and salt. The finder can only guess at what happened to the two who were left alive there in the cold alone, but hopes that the knowlege from the book will help others avoid the same fate.


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    a map leading to the land of Mahn-tor

    Seeing as there is a lack of worthy opponents who come to my land, I present this map to the mapstore in Midgaard, with my instructions to reproduce it for any who feel they are worthy.

    Travel east of midgaard to the crossroads. Turn north, until you may travel east. Go east until you may travel up a hill. Continue up the hill to the top, and continue east. Then go down and enter the valley below you. Continue east and north to the waterfall. Continue north, and then take the trail east as far as it goes. Continue on the trail, going whichever way you can, until the trail splits. Travel east, and then go south. You will be in my realm, and may try to find your way to me.

    Minotaur Grand Master


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    a map of the city of midgaard

    This map brought to you courtesy of the Midgaard City Council.
                                      Altar     Mud school (up from Temple)
                                        |       /
                                        |      /
                      Cleric Guild -- Temple --  Grunting        (* up from Temple
                                      Square      Boar            square is "In the
                                        |                         Air area*)
                       Magic            |     General  Weapon  Psionicist
                       Shop   Bakery    |      Store    Shop    Guild  
                         |       |      |        |       |       |  
        To  -- West -- Main -- Main-- Market -- Main -- Main -- East -- To
       Forest  Gate   Street  Street  Square   Street  Street   Gate    Crossroads
                |        |       |      |        |       |       |
              Wall     Mage   Armoury   |     Jeweler   Warrior  Wall 
              Road     Guild            |                Guild   Road
                |                       |                        |
                |                       |                        To Dangerous 
                |                       |                        Neighborhood(west)
                |    Leather            |      Map        Pet    and the Circus (s)
                |     Shop              |     Store      Shop      
                |      |                |       |         |        
              Wall -- End -- Poor -- Common -- Dark -- Alley --   End   --  Mob   
              Road   Alley   Alley   Square   Alley   At Levee  of Alley    Factory
                |              |        |       |         |        |      
                |          Grubby Inn   |     Thief    Levee    Abandoned
              Wall                      |     Guild             Warehouse
              Road                      |                 |
                |                       |               River
                |                       |
        To South Midgaard             Dump            

    (note: Each line is not a single move, but shows links between rooms.)
    Scale: Really Big. This is a big city!
    North: To top of map

    Caves of Moria

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    a map leading to the Caves of Moria

    Many young adventures first make their fortunes in the Caves of Moria. This is often attributed to the quick reproduction rates of the denizens of the caves. Such creatures as the kobold, the hobgoblin, and the hideous troll can be found within the caves. The caves are also reputed to be the base of operations for several dangerous rogue mages.

    Those seeking the caves should first stock themselves with food and water, as there is little of nourishment within the caves. A few brave souls who were lucky to make it out of the caves alive after running out of supplies, report that the mushrooms that grow in the caves are not fit for human consumption. After acquiring supplies, travel out the east gate of Midgaard, sticking to the roads as far as the Crossroads. From there, a party must wander north through the plains, until a cave mouth is reached. This is the entrance to Moria.

    Some things to take heed of about Moria. Many adventurers have exited the caves through a cavern to the north of the complex, and have then followed a trail up the mountain. Those foolish enough to do so have had to return to town in failure, apparently too embarrassed to reveal what happened. Also, several adventurers have reported tangling with centipedes, climbing down a hole to the west of the centipedes home, and then running into a powerful mage. Many are the parties that have gone to attempt to recover corpses from this powerful wizard.

    - Faithfully yours,
    Alexis, the Lady Cleric

    Shadow Grove

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    a map leading to Shadow Grove, Galaxy, and Towers of Sorcery and Draconians

    An excerpt from a book recently acquired from the mages guild by the thief Picard (to whom our condolences go out).

    The magical forest known as shadow grove has long been known as a place in which even those with the best direction sense may be confused. However, it is the gateway to such places as the Galaxy, the Tower of High Sorcery, and the Tower of the Draconians. The route to the Grove is a well established one. Travel west from midgaard, until further travel west is no longer possible. Travel south until you can go west again, and then continue west. Continuing in this manner, zigzagging west and south, the traveler will eventually reach a dusty part of the forest. From this point, travel north, and west and north again. From here the Entrance to Shadow Grove can be seen to the north.

    Our experts recommend this method for traveling in the Grove itself. In each new area, check all exits, and often you will be able to see if you have reached the entrance to the spot you set out for. Traveling in daylight will often aid this process. Also, our experts have noted that oftentimes, traveling in the same direction twice will return you to the spot you left from originally. However, traveling north, then back south, for example, will take you to a different area.

    The entrance to the Galaxy is said to be found by talking with a gypsy in a tavern. The entrances to the Towers of Sorcery and of the Draconians are said to be gigantic Gates. Also, if you see poor Edward, please be nice to him, the poor fool can't seem to find his way out...