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German Governement don't want their people to read this newspaper

Today 2-9-1996, our ISP XS4ALL got a phonecall that the German Authorities are planning to force German Internet Providers to shutdown all traffic from and to XS4ALL. This because of these pages. We are calling for people to mirror this site. Our goal is that in the shortest possible time Germany will cut off all IP-traffic comming from and going to all other countries, so that they can isolate and senzor their own "digital highway".
Help germany to isolate themselve. Download a copy of this site and make a mirror.

First reaction to the db-nl mailing list, sent by Felipe Rodriguez, chairman ofxs4all.nl.

Most artikels listed below are written in the German language. In a few days there will be information in the Dutch language.
If someone has information in English we like to have it, to put it on these pages!!

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Why we've put the newspaper online..

Statement of Radikal summer 1995

and some pictures of the demo from 16-12-95.

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