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What is it?
It is another streaming application to be used over 24+ kbit/s networks, like LAN's and ISDN. At the moment there are a linux / x86 ELF binary version and a source version available, under the GNU General Public Licence. 

There's also a win32 version under development for Win95 and WinNT. 

NetStreamer offers the possibility to distribute live Audio over network, like Music from internal CD-ROMs or a radio signal on the line-input of a PC. 

Well, it may be clear that you need a soundcard, preferably 16 bit. The NetStreamer sound-quality is 16 bit mono at 8 kHz or 16 kHz. Every sample is ADPCM compressed to 3 bits, so the bandwidth is 24 kbit/s or 48 kbit/s. 

NetStreamer consists of a program to "receive" audio, and a program to "transmit" audio. Both programs connect to a NetStreamer Server, a kind of reflector that takes care of the distribution of audio. Every transmitter contacts a Server at startup and claims a certain frequency somewhere between 88.0 and 108.0 MHz, and receivers can tune in on one of these transmitter frequencies.

Latest release: NetStreamer 0.17

NetStreamer 0.16; X-Window Receiver

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