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0.11 980101 Rolf Added Auto-Detection for 8 / 16 kHz Appeared that removing the Recording stuff almost doubles CPU usage. Strange.
0.12 980102 Rolf Fixed a bug in libXxWin
0.12 980118 Rolf Default are now statically linked executables
0.12 980118 Rolf The Buffer now charges upto 100 % before the stream is actually played.
0.12 980124 Rolf Added the option to feed the Transmitter with pipe-input
0.13 980125 Rolf Implementation of the Mute Facility
0.13 980314 Rolf Separation of RateAdjust from NrTransStdio, for other use...
0.14 980325 Rolf Fixed "Unable to open test.inp" bug in transmitter code.
0.15 980426 Rolf Added info from trans. about transmitted tape-file
0.16 980607 Rolf Started to design a Logo. I think it's needed to link The win32 release to this one with a visual "token"
0.16 980619 Dirk-Jan Created fancy html pages. Much more up to date
0.16 980620 Rolf Adopted Dirk-Jan's pages, they'll replace the current ones
0.16 980621 Rolf Started to use C++ exception-handling. I made NetStreamer using C++, so I'll enjoy the C++ benefits.
0.16 980705 Rolf The competitive looks of the win32 release forced me to do some cosmetic changes in the frontend.
0.16 980707 Rolf Postponed the C++ gadgets.
0.16 980707 Rolf Finished 0.16.
0.17 980718 Rolf Improved the stream's speed measuring, so lag on the internet has less effect
0.17 980802 Rolf Fixed a bug in libXxStd, which caused core dumps with glibc2.
0.17 980810 Rolf Fixed a bug in XxTimer which caused strange behaviour with long running timers when the time cycled through the "long" precision after about 49 days. This caused long running NrServers to disconnect all transmitters 'cause of "PING TIMEOUTs".
0.17 980810 Rolf Gave up porting NetStreamer to Linux/Alpha after discovering bugs in egcs-1.0.2. I'll retry after the bugs have been fixed.
0.17 980816 Rolf Replaced the InitClass stuff by deferring the initialization of library-parts until needed. This made NrRecFrontendSh stop core dumping.
0.17 980819 Rolf Got rid of some timing problems in XxBlocker which caused terrible behaviour on slower hardware.
0.17 980819 Rolf Finished 0.17.

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