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How to start it?
Every NetStreamer program has a parameter that specifies to which IP-Address (or IP-number) & Port to listen to or connect to.

It's like this:
This specifies the host, port 8888.

When you specify only :8888, this means port 8888 on local address(es).
Starting the Server
Port 8888 is the default NetStreamer port, and there is a Server running on, so you might try to telnet to it. See the file COMMANDS for the commands the server understands when you connect to it. The Server has only this address:port parameter. So you can start the server by entering:

    NrServer :8888
    NrServer localhost:8888
Your machine is now ready to accept NetStreamer connections. For an example you can look at the DemoServer script.
Starting the transmitter
You can start the Transmitter by entering:
    NrTransmitter Device 16 995 "Station 1"
    NrTransmitter Device 16 995 "Station 1" :8888
This means that the transmitter will transmit a 16 kHz stream, claim 99.5 MHz, being labeled Station 1, and it will connect to the specified server. The label is passed to the receiver when it tunes in on 99.5 MHz.

You can als let the transmitter playback prerecorded "tapes". Those are files with the ".tape" extension that contain CCITT_ADPCM compressed data. They can be recorded by using the record button on the Frontend. The way to playback them is like this:

    NrTransmitter Direcory 8 995 "Station 1" /mnt/tape
This makes the transmitter play tape files in the directory /mnt/tape in random order, at 8 kHz. The filenames of the tapefiles should be chosen carefully. The filename without the extension .tape of every transmitted file will be transmitted and displayed by the NrRecFrontend receiver.

A good suggestion for choosing your filenames would be: "Artist: Composition.tape", e.g. "Michael Jackson: Billy Jean.tape".

Another option is to make the transmitter accept an audio stream on standard input, e.g. from an mp3 player, like this:

    mpg123 -s test.mp3 | NrTransmitter StdIn 16 995 "Station 1" 44
This makes the mpeg player mpg123 play the file test.mp3 and pass it on to NrTransmitter. NrTransmitter assumes a sample-rate of 44 kHz for the input, and converts it to a samplerate of 16 kHz.

For examples you can look at the DemoTransmitter script.
Starting the receiver:
The Receiver can be started by entering:

    NrReceiver 995
This means that you want to tune in on 99.5 MHz, after connecting to the specified server. The X-Window receiver can be started by entering:
You only specify where to connect, because it has a button to tune into any frequency you like.

With the NrRecFrontend program you can record what you receive, by pushing the RECORD button. If you do so a file default.tape will be written to the current directory. If the file already exists, new recordings will be appended. This kind of file can be played by the transmitter in the way described.

For examples you can look at the DemoReceiver and the DemoFrontend scripts.
Starting the Encoder
The Encoder can be started by entering:

    NrEncoder 44 16 < music.pcm > music.tape
The Encoder will now convert a 44 kHz PCM file music.pcm to a 16 kHz .tape file music.tape.

For an example you can look at the DemoEncoder script. It converts .mp3 files to .tape files.

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