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The NetStreamer software includes the following executables:
Executable: Description:
NrServer The NetStreamer Server
NrTransmitter The NetStreamer Transmitter
NrReceiver The NetStreamer Receiver
NrRecFrontend An X-window NetStreamer Receiver
NrEncoder A NetStreamer Encoder for .tape files
For convenience and to provide examples on how to use the executables, the software includes the following scrips as well:
Script name: Description:
DemoServer A script that starts the NetStreamer Server
DemoTransmitter A script that starts the NetStreamer Transmitter
DemoReceiver A script that starts the NetStreamer Receiver
DemoFrontEnd A script that starts the X NetStreamer Receiver
DemoEncoder A script that converts .mp3 files to .tape files
All scripts contain variables with comments. You should edit the scripts to meet your needs.

NetStreamer page - last update 8-may-98